Solids & CTS - Göttingen

NextPharma Göttingen has extensive experience in the manufacturing of solid dosage forms. The Göttingen site is a centre of excellence for any conventional solid forms manufactured and packed within the NextPharma group. The site was completely refurbished in 2007.

The core competences are the manufacturing and packaging of granules, tablets, film coated tablets, hard gelatine capsules as well as effervescent tablets.
NextPharma Göttingen is the main location for clinical trials services.

The following services are offered:

Pharmaceutical Development

  • Pharmaceutical formulation development
  • Scale-up (pilot-scale, production-scale)
  • Validation
  • Manufacturing of stability batches
  • Galenic optimisation of existing formulae
  • Registration services


  • Analytical development
  • Validation
  • Stability testing / storage
  • Quality control
  • Market release


  • Testing and consultation according to customer requirements
  • Hygiene monitoring at the customers' locations
  • Preservative stress testing
  • Microbiological evaluation

Clinical Trials Services

  • Manufacturing and packaging including randomisation lists, emergency letters
  • Specialties: blister cards, over-encapsulation
  • Distribution

Commercial Manufacturing and Packaging capacity

Tabletting 1.100 Mio tablets
Film-coated tablets 700 Mio tablets
Chewable tablets
Effervescent tablets 150 Mio tablets
Filling in glass bottles and plastic bottles 3 Mio bottles
Packaging in sachets
Capsule filling 160 Mio capsules
Sachet filling 50 Mio sachets
Blistering (all kind of blister types) 105 Mio blisters
Bottle filling Tablets / capsules in securitainers and glass bottles 20 Mio bottles

Site Contact


Hildebrandstr. 12
D-37081 Göttingen
Phone: +49-551-382-0
Fax:     +49-551-382-470