Modified Release & Analytical Services - Bielefeld

NextPharma Bielefeld site is a centre of excellence for the production and further processing of pellets. At Bielefeld, NextPharma offers two pelleting technologies recognised for robustness and reproducibility: pelleting via extrusion and via layering of non-pareils.

Compared to non-pareils the pelleting via extrusion allows more compact high density pellets, resulting in a higher API content in the pellets.
Consequently, smaller capsule sizes are available with the same API dose. In addition, NextPharma Bielefeld offers a wide range of contract analytics and stability testing.

The following services are offered:

Pharmaceutical Development

  • Pharmaceutical formulation development
  • Scale-up (pilot-scale, production-scale)
  • Validation
  • Manufacturing of stability batches
  • Galenic optimisation of existing formulae
  • Registration services

Contract Analytics

  • Analytical method development
  • Validation
  • Stability testing / storage
  • Quality control
  • Market release

Commercial Manufacturing and Packaging capacity

Stick pack capacity 25 Mio
Granulation (also organic) 150 tons
by extrusion 200 tons
by layering 50 tons
Film coating (also organic) 150 tons
Tabletting of pellets 400 Mio
Encapsulation incl. double filling:
Pellets 300 Mio
Powder / Granules 200 Mio
Tablets 100 Mio
... in combination 300 Mio

Site Contact


Reichenberger Str. 43
D-33605 Bielefeld
Phone: +49-521-20 83-0
Fax:     +49-521-20 45 51