Commercial Manufacturing & Packaging

Modified Release

NextPharma offers extrusion as well as layering on non-pareils for pellet manufacturing technologies.

Extrusion pelleting allows for compact high density pellets, resulting in optimal API content and smaller capsule sizes with the same API dose, versus layering on non-pareils.

The NextPharma Bielefeld site has focused on modified release technology since 1992. It is the centre of excellence within the NextPharma group for pellet product development, technology transfer and pellet manufacturing.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Pellet production by extrusion
  • Pellet production by layering (non-pareils)
  • Granulation
  • Film coating
  • Tabletting of pellets
  • Encapsulation of different components in one capsule:

    • various pellets
    • pellets and powders/granules
    • pellets and tablets

  • Enteric coatings
  • Taste-masking