Clinical Trials Services

Clinical Trials Services

Manufacturing, packaging, labelling and worldwide distribution of clinical trials supplies

NextPharma is one of the most flexible and reliable providers of clinical trials supply services from pre-clinical through all clinical phases.


  • Development of IMPs and placebo products
  • Planning and purchasing of clinical trials materials as well as sourcing of comparator medication
  • Bulk manufacture of IMPs and placebo products
  • Analytical services and stability testing
  • Creation of randomisation lists and printing of emergency letters
  • Support with the implementation and design of packaging solutions considering all aspects of safety and compliance
  • Blinding of all dosage forms depending on study requirements
  • De-packaging of commercial products
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Label design and printing
  • QP services
  • Handling of controlled substances
  • International storage, distribution and shipping
  • Return, reconciliation and destruction of study materials

CTS Project Management

  • Primary contact for the client to ensure optimal project flow within NextPharma
  • Flexible project work in close cooperation with the client
  • Creation of label and packaging design in compliance with GMP/GCP guidelines and customer requirements
  • Individual creation of all manufacturing- and packaging-related documents
  • Centre of excellence for Phase I to IV clinical trials with highly educated and experienced project managers (biologists, pharmaceutical engineers, biotechnologists, pharmacists, MSC)
  • Fluent languages: English, French, Russian, German
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