NextPharma Sales Team

Pierre Delavaud

Pierre Delavaud

Chief Commercial Officer

Phone: +44-1483-479-120

email: pierre.delavaud(at)

Frank Eskuche

Frank Eskuche

Business Development Director
Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Phone: +49-521-2083-0

email: frank.eskuche(at)

Rebecca Reiss

Business Development Director 

UK, Scandinavia and Benelux

Phone:     +49 551 382 173

Email:   rebecca.reiss(at) 

Kristian Schroer

Business Development Director, Strategic Accounts and USA

Phone:   +49 30 414 795019

Email:   kristian.schroer(at)  

Petra Offizorz

Business Development Director
Clinical Trials Services

Phone: +49-30-401-00311

email: petra.offizorz(at)

Moez Kmicha

Business Development Manager

France and South Europe

Phone:     +33 (0) 130 98 38 58

Email:   moez.kmicha(at)